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What Are the Five Stages of Recovery?

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When someone struggles with addiction, it can take over all areas of their life. Without proper care and support, individuals are likely to fail in any attempt to become sober. At BlueCrest Health Group, we understand how central substances become to an individual’s life once they find themselves in active addiction. Our approach to recovery focuses on treating the whole person, their mind, body, and spirit.

Addiction is often an isolating and draining experience for your physical and mental health. However, you are not alone, and there is no shame in reaching out for help. Our substance abuse treatment programs can provide the support you need to start your life anew. Learn more about how we can help you or a loved one by calling us at 888.340.2214 or filling out our online contact form.

What Are the Five Stages of Recovery?

The path to recovery is not simple or easy. Individuals typically must go through five stages to achieve lasting sobriety. If you are unfamiliar with addiction and the treatment process, you may be wondering, what are the five stages of recovery? The five stages of recovery are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.

Understanding the Five Stages of Recovery

These five stages of recovery are critical for each client to progress in their healing. Overcoming addiction presents many challenges, but lasting wellness is possible.

1. Precontemplation Stage

During the precontemplation stage, a person may not even be aware that they are struggling with substance abuse. Individuals are often in denial about their addiction and how it is negatively impacting their lives. Their focus is solely on the positive effects they perceive from using drugs or alcohol. They can not see the benefits of seeking treatment and recovery. During this stage of recovery, a person may need to be confronted or have an intervention to understand the severity of their struggles and the need for professional help.

2. Contemplation Stage

In this stage of recovery, someone may be ready to consider treatment. They are thinking about making changes to better their life, but not immediately. Individuals are more likely to be receptive to the pros of treatment. They may not be fully ready to start their recovery because of feelings of guilt, shame, or pressure. With acceptance and understanding, people can be guided to seek professional help for their substance abuse.

3. Preparation Stage

This is the stage in which they are ready to take actual steps toward their recovery. They may have a greater sense of urgency regarding their sobriety and may take action. It is not uncommon for someone to stop their substance abuse on their own. However, this is dangerous and often ineffective, so it is best to encourage them to seek professional assistance.

4. Action Stage

During the action stage, an individual is actively doing something about their addiction. They have entered an addiction treatment facility and are participating in programs that will help them heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. At BlueCrest Health Group, clients learn to alter their attitudes and behaviors so they can enjoy lasting recovery.

5. Maintenance Stage

Contrary to what some may believe, recovery is not over once someone leaves a treatment facility. In the last of the five stages of recovery, people must work to prevent relapse. They should be employing lifestyle changes that prioritize and benefit their sobriety. During and after treatment, the goal is for clients to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to maintain lasting recovery during this stage.

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You do not have to let substance abuse take over your life and happiness. Our team of professionals can provide comprehensive care through each stage of treatment and recovery. Take the first steps in your recovery today and contact BlueCrest Health Group at 888.340.2214 or online.