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A leading provider of lasting recovery.

BlueCrest Health Group is a leader, partner, and motivator for people who are ready to build a better future.

About BlueCrest Health Group

BlueCrest Health Group has established itself as a trusted partner in the behavioral health field. Working with individuals and their families as well as outside referring agencies, BlueCrest Health Group has set the standard for patient engagement and care with an unmatched continuum of care that includes PHP, IOP, OP, as well as an assessment center for those looking to understand exactly what their needs may be. BlueCrest Health Group understands the delicate and individual nature of substance use and mental health disorders and works to create a unique plan for each person.


BlueCrest Health Group understands the importance of individualized, evidence-based substance use and mental health care. Each person’s journey is unique, and we treat their treatment as such. We also understand the importance of 12-step programs of recovery, which is why we have combined the highest level of clinical care with the core 12-step principles. We are where clinical and 12-step meet.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Recovering from a substance use disorder is no easy task and generally cannot be tackled alone. Alcohol, prescription medications, and illicit substances become central to a person’s life during active addiction. This is why BlueCrest Health Group believes in treating the whole individual—mind, body, and spirit. Our combined evidence-based clinical and 12-step approach is uniquely tailored to fit each individual’s needs and support them in moving toward a life of long-term recovery.

Mental Health Treatment

Receiving an accurate diagnosis and compassionate, evidence-based care allows our client to understand their mental health and learn healthy ways to manage their symptoms. Additionally, our clients with dual diagnoses receive both mental health and substance use support to move toward a healthy life and reduce the risk of relapse while healing.
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