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QuickSilver Counseling Center

Find hope for the future with our expert care.

a group at QuickSilver Counseling Center talksQuickSilver Counseling Center is a new addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment center that’s part of the BlueCrest Health Group family. Intensive outpatient care and a targeted focus on holistic healing help our clients transition back to sober lifestyles.

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QuickSilver Counseling Center in New Jersey

Clients at QuickSilver Counseling Center engage in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) or co-occurring disorders treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP provides a moderate level of care for people transitioning from partial hospitalization or residential settings or for those who don’t require constant supervision. Clients in our IOP may be encouraged to stay in a sober living house depending on the intensity of their treatment or the stability of their home environment.

Intensive outpatient programming also allows flexibility for work or school while still attending treatment. Clients participate in group therapy and connect with counselors multiple times per week for a few hours at a time.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Simultaneous rehab for addiction and mental health conditions provides a solid foundation for successful recovery. With evidence-based therapy methods and the 12-step approach, our team of professionals guides clients through rehab.

Addressing co-occurring disorders in QuickSilver’s comprehensive rehab program allows clients to identify the root causes of addiction, learn to manage mental health symptoms, and understand how to reconnect with others. Clients engage with others during group sessions, connect with themselves during meditative therapy, and build resilience through mental health treatment.

Both rehab programs at QuickSilver Counseling Center in New Jersey provide access to our various treatment services that support the journey to reclaiming life.

Services at QuickSilver Addiction Treatment Center in New Jersey

Individualized rehab programming provides our clients with a unique mix of services that will be effective on the road to recovery.

Some of our specialized treatment services include:

  • Process addiction treatment – Addiction is not limited to drug and alcohol dependence. Our process addiction treatment programs help clients understand their compulsive behaviors so they can learn to build healthier routines.
  • Sober living – Many clients in our IOP can benefit from the supportive environment of a sober living house. We coordinate sober living services and encourage clients to utilize them during their treatment. Having a stable residency free from substance triggers can improve outcomes and promote long-lasting recovery.
  • Aftercare services – We support our clients even after completing a QuickSilver Counseling Center program. In easing their transition from rehab to routine life, we continue to offer guidance through educational workshops, regular follow-ups, and alumni programs.

Our team of addiction and mental health treatment experts partners with our clients to offer hope and promote lasting change in their lives.

Start Your Recovery Journey at a BlueCrest Health Group Location Today

The QuickSilver Counseling Center team is available 24/7 to provide guidance and support through the early stages of recovery.

BlueCrest Health Group also offers addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment at BlueCrest Recovery Center. Plus, we provide streamlined level-of-care assessments at Assess With Guidance to help new clients better understand their conditions and approach treatment with confidence. Learn more by contacting us online or by calling 888.340.2214.

Learn more about the launch of QuickSilver

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