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Behavioral Health Assessment in New Jersey

Find hope for the future with our expert care.

a person in a group comforts another after an Assess With Guidance level-of-care evaluationAssess With Guidance (AWG) provides streamlined behavioral healthcare assessments for BlueCrest Health Group. Accurate assessments help people living with addiction and mental health issues access the care they need.

Learn more about all the BlueCrest Health Group locations and services in New Jersey by contacting us online or calling 888.340.2214 today.

Assess With Guidance in Fanwood

Our site for comprehensive level-of-care assessments, Assess With Guidance, is located at 141 South Avenue in Fanwood, NJ. People living with addiction and mental health conditions can receive accurate, thorough evaluations of their symptoms so they can approach treatment with confidence.

We believe that by providing clients with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their treatment, we can help them achieve lasting success in their journey. We are committed to nurturing clients throughout the treatment process and supporting them as they navigate the challenges of recovery.

Services Available at Assess with Guidance in New Jersey

Assess with Guidance helps streamline the initial steps to approaching mental health disorders or addiction treatment through comprehensive diagnostic assessments and care coordination with reputable providers.

Streamlined Behavioral Health Assessments

We take pride in delivering comprehensive substance abuse and mental health assessments to people committed to overcoming their behavioral health challenges. Streamlining the assessment process for our clients helps reduce the stress and anticipation they may feel.

When someone starts with AWG, our team helps them through the process:

  • Making initial contact – Individuals looking for help call in to schedule an assessment with a qualified clinician. The clinician will review a pre-screening questionnaire to ensure AWG’s services can benefit them or determine if they require more immediate care.
  • Establishing consent and trust – Clients will arrive at their appointment and connect with our team. During that time, they will be introduced to the clinicians and intake specialists, who will help them in a safe, confidential environment before signing consent documents.
  • Completing the assessment – Our qualified behavioral health clinician will conduct a comprehensive suite of evaluations, including a biopsychosocial assessment, Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale, and a Brief Addiction Monitor scale.
  • Providing treatment recommendations – After reviewing the results, the clinician provides recommendations for treatment. Individualized treatment plans are vital to long-term recovery and well-being, so we build connections with clients to develop unique plans to meet their needs.

Individuals are encouraged to complete assessments in person at our Fanwood, New Jersey location. However, we offer telehealth assessment services to those who are unable to meet with a clinician face to face.

Linkage to Appropriate Resources

Accurate assessments are not effective unless individuals understand how to find trustworthy addiction treatment. We help them coordinate the appropriate level of care so they can begin treatment as soon as possible.

We understand that finding the right treatment provider can be a daunting task, which is why we work closely with our clients to identify the providers who are best suited to their needs. Having ties with a network of trustworthy treatment providers demonstrates how dedicated we are to making sure our clients receive top-notch care. Working alongside our clients and their treatment providers, we aim to help them succeed in their journey toward lasting recovery.

AWG Addiction Assessment Services Are Part of BlueCrest Health Group

The Assess With Guidance team is always available to help individuals and their families understand behavioral health conditions and how to approach treatment. More information about the launch of the Assess with Guidance services can be found through the newsletter here.

BlueCrest Health Group also offers addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment at BlueCrest Recovery Center and QuickSilver Counseling Center. Plus, we offer sober living accommodations for clients in our addiction treatment programs who need a safe, supportive environment where they can focus on recovery. Learn more by contacting us online or by calling 888.340.2214.